Over the years CCMT has built up vast amounts of expertise in the areas of conflict management, peace-building and Organizational Development (OD). Using all of our skills, in-depth knowledge and highly skilled individuals, we help organisations in both the public and private sector to develop solutions that are tailored to their needs. We also provide training for individuals looking for skills in handling conflict in the various arenas of life, whether personal or professional.
Our unique and successful approach to conflict management informs the work of our Consultancy Department.

Services provided include:

Training Programme

The training programme is mainly informed by the needs assessment report. The three approaches that can be used are Generic, Customized and Co created learning programs. This is to facilitate effective trainings that address all knowledge or capacity gaps that may have been identified.

  • Introduction to Conflict Management and transformation
    Duration: 2 Days
    Content: Defining Conflict, Causes of Conflict, Types of Conflict, Levels of Conflict, Stages of Conflict, Conflict Spectrum, Responding to Conflict and Conflict Intervention Techniques.
    Clientele: Individuals, Organizations and Institutions wanting to develop basic Conflict Management and Transformation Skills
    Gain understanding of conflict
    Knowledge of types and stages of conflict
    Identify and establish your own conflict management style
    Appreciate the different ways of responding to conflict and know how and when to use them
  • Conflict Analysis
    Duration: 3 Days
    Content: Defining Conflict Analysis and Conflict Analysis Tools and their application
    Clientele: Individuals, Organizations and Institutions wanting to enhance their knowledge and skills of analyzing conflict situation in order to design an applicable intervention.
    Understanding of Conflict Dynamics
    Knowledge of different conflict analysis tools and ability to effectively apply them
    Ability to Identify Root causes of conflict
  • Mediation and Dialogue Moderation
    Duration: 5 Days
    Content: Understanding Mediation and Dialogue, Principles of mediation, mediation stages, roles and skills of a mediator, mediation techniques, 5 stages of sustained dialogue, Difference between dialogue and other forms of conversations, dialogue meeting process, initiating a dialogue,  principles of dialogue, key actors in a dialogue, qualities of a good dialogue moderator, basic moderating skills and common moderating challenges.
    Clientele: Those interested in assisting conflicting parties to resolve their conflicts.
    Understanding the concept and practice of Mediation
    Understanding the concept and practice of Sustained Dialogue
    Comprehension of mediation stages and the dialogue process
    Knowledge of the roles, skills and techniques of a mediator and dialogue moderator
    Ability to mediate and moderate a dialogue
  • Conflict Management and Transformation
    Duration: 10 Days
    This course is a compound of all the above course.


Organizational Development

  • Team building and staff retreats
    Duration: 2-4 Days
    Clientele: organizations seeking to improve performance and cohesion through work.
    Development of Strong and effective teams
    Improved team and organizational performance
    Improved relationships among team members
    Trust building
    Enhanced self-confidence and decision making skills
  • Strategic planning facilitation
    Duration: 3 Days
    Clientele: Organizations wanting to effectively map their future by developing specific and realistic action plans.
    developing an understanding of your operating environment
    Learning to make the most of your organizational strengths
    Identifying weaknesses and developing strategies to address them
    Improved organizational performance
    Clearly defined purpose
  • Research and Project Evaluation
    Duration: Undefined
    Clientele: CCMT conduct commissioned research or project evaluations for both private and public sector organizations
    better informed decision making as a result of carrying out baseline studies
    Clarity on the project achievements following and evaluation
    Research findings inform programming
  • Direct Conflict Intervention
    Duration: Undefined
    Clientele: conflict parties: individuals, employees, organizations and communities
    Deals with existing conflicts and equips conflicting parties with skills for managing future conflicts
    Increased efficiency allows parties to collaborate and work constructively in managing conflicts
    Builds and enhances relations
    Improves communication, giving space for all parties to air their views and to be understood.